Forest School in winter lockdown

Hello everyone!

Well here we are in lockdown again…. at the worst time of the year. It’s cold and wet and we are all feeling a bit miserable.

But don’t despair! You can still get outside even if you have to wrap up warm. It’s good for you too, even though it isn’t always sunny you will benefit from the fresh air and a change of scene, especially as we are all in front of our computers so much.

Here are a few ideas:

Stand outside and take in three really deep breaths. Listen to the birds – I bet you will hear some! What can you smell? If it’s raining, there will be a wet smell. I quite like it. What can you see? Even in winter there is life in the garden.

In my garden there are bulbs trying to come up and at the weekend I saw some daffodils in flower at Bowden Hall. Perhaps you can see some near you.

Take care. Love from Miss Davies x

Forest School activities for the summer holidays

Lots of you will have spent more time at home and hopefully in the garden if you have one, during the last few months. I hope you’ve enjoyed my Forest School videos on the school Youtube channel!

If you want to carry on with outdoor activities during the summer, why not check out the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust?

A bee in a pink flower

I’d love to hear what you get up to.

Love from Miss Davies x

Forest School in self-isolation and lockdown – how?!

Although we can’t go out, if you have a garden (and even if you don’t) there are lots of Forest School activities you can do.
Have a look under a plant pot or stone – can you see a woodlouse, slug or beetle? You might see them crawling on your windowsill, if you don’t have a garden.
Now that leaves are coming out, can you find out the names of any trees or plants in your garden? Or what plants can you see from your window? Do you have any house plants?
(This might help
You might be lucky and see birds coming out into the sunshine. What sort of birds can you see?
(This will help
Let me know how you get on!
Love from Miss Davies
Remember: No picky, no licky, no pokey, no ropey!

Spring term 2020

The seasons are changing…. and so is our site!

There are buds on the willow tunnel…. and crocuses near the lime tree. We use blue rope to rope them off so that everyone has a chance to see the flowers and so they don’t get crushed.

We have noticed lots more birds flying into the site, some of them are starting to build nests.

Soon there will be leaves on the trees – spring is here…..

Autumn term 2019

Our first time at Forest school – what did we do?

We noticed that the lime trees have had a hair cut – they were getting very tangled up with lots of small branches shooting from the main trunk. The tree surgeon visited but don’t despair, they will bud and shoot again.

We learnt about the Forest School rules:

No picky, no licky, no pokey, no ropey.


And we learnt the Forest School song – ask the children to sing it to you.

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